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Changing Your Life

My life and your life is a once in this world
when you die then that's the end of this life
so long as you live in this world you must prepare the world of lifeand ready to move into the next lifewhich is referred to hereafter.
then let us shared stories and experiences from our birth till now what happened and whether we havechanged our lives that have been just plain ordinary into the extraordinary. then let's get started and prepare everything

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lombok Friday October 28 / 2011
Today let's go together to do good for others.
4:30 get up early today to run a routine that is praying andpraying.
I'm in the area and happened to be mango season is ripe and Ithink this is all I can for the charity to people today.
and hopefully these things mean anything to anyone else and I'lltry to also try to do something useful for others.

not hard to do a kindness to someone as long as we are sincerein doing it and hopefully be able to reply from the Lord and do not expect the people we give alms

The question is whether what you do for others today?

Ask yourself and do good to others?


Hello my friend, thank you very much for your visit, happy Friday with happiness and smiles. Hugs Valter.

Thanks for ur visit! Hope to see u soon again! :)

Hey, Mas!
Have a great Sunday!
See his followers box ... I am your new member!
A hug! Cheers!

Hi, Friend! How are you?
where are you?
Missing only 9 days to Christmas ... So take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
My sincere best regards!

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