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everybody want to have This beautiful nice car and home

Want to be rich to have a car, a luxury home let us learn to be a servant of God because this way we are good to people and often alms, God will repay 700 hundred times.

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Traditionalthe way to find sustenance by selling

this is the way some people to support his family is selling from house to house by carrying vegetables and household items.

Traditional life with happy kids

let's share not only smile but give them hope and our lives are affluent let's give a little of what we have.

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Changing Your Life

My life and your life is a once in this world
when you die then that's the end of this life
so long as you live in this world you must prepare the world of lifeand ready to move into the next lifewhich is referred to hereafter.
then let us shared stories and experiences from our birth till now what happened and whether we havechanged our lives that have been just plain ordinary into the extraordinary. then let's get started and prepare everything

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Life is good but ?

today is saturday october 29
in this life we will always find someone who is he again sick,more healthy, more happy and more difficult, sometimes we cando something to please people with speech or give him advice ormaybe it is more difficult to entertain or give them hope.
Today we met with people who are more stressful because a lotof debt ...
the question is what should we do for him?
whether we will give him the money to pay his debts?
or we just give him advice. ?

How according to the friend of all?

give me advice what should I do?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lombok Friday October 28 / 2011
Today let's go together to do good for others.
4:30 get up early today to run a routine that is praying andpraying.
I'm in the area and happened to be mango season is ripe and Ithink this is all I can for the charity to people today.
and hopefully these things mean anything to anyone else and I'lltry to also try to do something useful for others.

not hard to do a kindness to someone as long as we are sincerein doing it and hopefully be able to reply from the Lord and do not expect the people we give alms

The question is whether what you do for others today?

Ask yourself and do good to others?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lets do something

Today is Thursday 27th October 2011
I started donating a portion of the dress pants and some of mystuff that I do not use for people in need .. and I will try to be someone that is useful for others.
so friends all let us share with others and for people who need them.

I will start and will invite you gentlemen who are ready and willing to donate a portion of his property.

We rarely look around us there are poor, there is hunger, there isa difficult but we never care ...

Why we must contribute to that do not have .. for you all to knowthat after we die later or whenever it comes .. God will repay all the kindness we've ever done


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